“Art as Lifestyle”

6-10PM, December 1, 2012
Regeneration is announcing the opening of “Art as Lifestyle,” an exhibition with Dylan Egon on December 1st, 2012. This show represents an exciting collaboration between the artist Dylan Egon and reGeneration Furniture. Like many fruitful collaborations, this one began casually, with new friends conversing about the intersection between art and design. This meeting of minds has resulted in an explosion of new works that fuse sensibilities, and present a fresh aesthetic vision for both parties.

Mr. Egon is best known for his mixed media assemblage pieces that include imagery from American pop culture. These images are meticulously rendered in silkscreen and carefully detailed painting. They are collaged with found objects in ways that suggest fetishistic devotion. Rivets, an important motif in the work, are characteristic of the artist’s sense for craftsmanship and machinery. This exhibition presents several of these mixed media collages, in context of pieces that the artist has made in collaboration with reGeneration. These include several editioned cabinets from reGeneration’s new line of furniture, emblazoned with some of Egon’s signature modern graphic hieroglyphics. These same motifs make an appearance in upholstery fabric and a line of wool blankets. In keeping with the artist’s ideals of making his work popular and accessible, limited edition wearable & boutique items printed with Dylan Egon imagery are for sale at the opening and during the course of the exhibition.